Professional Stories

Norman Borlaug

Profession: Agronomist, Humanitarian

His Story: Norman Borlaug is the ultimate hunger fighter. What makes him so cool? Borlaug revolutionized the science of food production. An Iowa native, Borlaug grew up working on a farm and, while in high school, was a competitive wrestler. He later became really interested in plants and science, and was most interested in improving crops, like wheat, so that they could grow in places where there was little water, poor soil and even plant diseases. That's a tall order, right? Well it might have seemed insurmountable, but Borlaug felt that if he could create better wheat varieties, people around the world could feed themselves and their loved ones, and would never again go hungry.

While there is more work to be done, his idea actually worked - more than one billion times over. Borlaug is credited with helping save more than one billion people from dying of hunger since the 1960s, and launched a movement called the Green Revolution. He went on to win the highest achievement in the world - the Nobel Peace Prize. He was recognized and awarded many honors from Presidents, universities and organizations worldwide.

Borlaug passed away on September 12, 2009 at the age of 95 in Dallas, Texas. He always felt that we needed new leaders in fighting hunger and that everyone had a role in ending it.  , so let's together do him proud!

Watch the video below or order a copy of his DVD to learn more about Borlaug.