Hunger Fighters

Andrew Youn

Profession: The Entrepreneur

His Story: Andrew co-founded One Acre Fund in 2006 after graduating from business school.Andrew is the executive Director of the One Acre Fund and is helping the poor grow their way out of hunger.

Asma Lateef

Profession: Policy Maker

Her Story: Asma is Director of the Bread for the World Institute. Asma knows that without facts, people won't be inspired to create change.

Claire Runquist

Profession: Student

Her Story: Watch out world, here comes Claire Runquist. Claire traveled to Hyderabad, India as a high school student to study the connection between home gardens, nutrition and poverty at the at the World Vegetable Center (AVRDC).

Danielle Nierenberg

Profession: Humanitarian

Her Story:Danielle is Co-Project Director of Nourishing the Planet. She has traveled to more than 25 countries!

Jessica Fanzo

Profession: Nutritionist

Her Story:Jess is a senior scientist at Bioversity International. Based in Italy, she works to understand and promote the use and access of nutritious local food varieties to fight hunger.

Kyle Bohrer

Profession: Student

His Story:Kyle Bohrer is a globe-trotter. As a high school student, he traveled from Medford, Minnesota to Beijing, China where he worked on a team to develop new rice varieties that could withstand drought and extremely dry climates.

Lazarus Lynch

Profession: Student & Blogger

His Story: Lazarus Lynch is a senior at Food & Finance High School in New York City. He is a chef, blogger and has a passion for healthy eating and nutrition with the world.

Martin Fregene

Profession: Director of BioCassava Plus

His Story:Martin Fregene is the director of a project called BioCassava Plus.Martin thinks that the most exciting part is seeing how science, math and agriculture can all come together to help the hungry and malnourished.

Norman Borlaug

Profession: Agronomist, Humanitarian

His Story:Norman Borlaug is the inspiration for the Revolution Hunger initiative. He revolutionized the science of food production.

Roger Thurow

Profession: Writer

His Story: A journalist and author, Roger has been reporting and raising awareness about poverty, hunger and starvation for decades.

Ruth Oniango

Profession: The Activist

Her Story:A powerhouse who has dedicated her life to fighting for women, advocating for farmers and pushing leaders to improve policies and programs for the poor.

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