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The Revolution Hunger Youth Leadership Team is changing the face of hunger in San Fransisco, Minneapolis, and Washington, DC. Read a sample of their blog posts below. To see the full post, share, and comment visit their blog over on Tumblr.

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  • It’s Simple, We Can Win This Battle!

    Why would fighting hunger matter to those who have enough or more than enough food each day?
    It’s simple; hungry people cannot work and learn as well as people who have food in their systems and that is exactly why people who have enough food should help fight this hunger battle.
    Since I was born my parents have always had enough food on the table to make sure I am fully energized and able to function each day. I am truly blessed to be able to get food without a trouble. I cannot imagine life without my easy access to food. This is when I begin to think about all those people in the world who do not have food, who are trying to fight their hunger each and every day.
    I was recently speaking with my friend about how her experience to Asia this summer really changed the way she viewed food and the problem of hunger. She told me that as she visited various countries she noticed how they all had something in common, and that was how respectful they were of their food. Also noticing that in most villages there was no such thing as wasting food because they would make sure to finish each bit or save it for the next day.
    It made her realize how much food is actually worth, not in the money sense, but the living sense. She said seeing so many skinny children in one place (due to their hunger) made her want to do something. She wanted to come back to see the children grow. Since she was working back in the States she decided that she would send a portion of her earning to the various countries she went to that were fighting hunger and also other places in the same situation.
    My friend believes that if more people learn about the hunger fight, they might also try to do something about it. I strongly agree and that is why more people need to know more about this battle. 
    No one can fight hunger all alone, which is why we need your help! We can win this battle!
      Thursday, September 27, 2012
    • Scenery People

      As I drive down Route 30 here in Chambersburg, Pennsvlvania I pass a Starbucks where business people discuss their next investment.  A construction crew has stopped to eat lunch at the KFC.  Then I pass Lowes where a couple plans out the backyard patio they want to put in.  Just past the Wendy’s is Walmart where there is a homeless man holding his sign for the day.  Finally I turn in to my neighborhood and arrive at home…All of these images I have described are all part of the everyday scenery. 

      Someone described to me the other day that there are three kinds of people we interact with:  People people, Machine people, and Scenery people.  “People people” are considered to be individuals that we like or aspire to be.  “Machine people” are individuals that we interact with everyday but are simply their to perform a service.  For example a cashier at Burger King would be a machine person.  Beyond that are “scenery people” who are individuals who we completely ignore that we see on the sidewalk, shopping in a store, or just driving down the road.  We pass all these places and we see all of these people, but how many of those people do we take the time to get to know.  More importantly, how many of those people do we help.

      Every single day there is a homeless person there in front of the Walmart.  I am willing to bet that not even twenty or even fifteen people stop to help him out.  Not only is this sad; it is disgusting.  Disgusting that most of those people are more than likely taking home at least $80 worth of groceries if not more.  Yet the homeless person at the entrance has nothing.  Does compassion and community mean anything to our society?

      So my question for you is will you only help the “people people”, or are you willing to show your compassion and good will to everyone you see and meet?  Maybe they are hungry for food…maybe they are hungry for friendship…but no matter what the hunger is, I encourage you to reach out to those people instead of just taking the “scenic” route…Fulfill that hunger!

        Friday, September 07, 2012
      • Working Families Still Struggle to Make Ends Meet

          Thursday, August 30, 2012

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