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Art is a powerful medium for creating change.  Use your artistic talent to raise awareness and fight poverty and hunger!

There are many ways to use art as a tool to build awareness and to raise funds for hunger fighting organizations.  One way is by creating a calendar featuring works of art that are submitted by members of your community.  The calendar can then be sold as part of a fundraising drive to benefit a local food kitchen, a larger charity that focuses on hunger in America or an international NGO that has hunger-fighting programs around the world.

Making a calendar isn’t your only option.  You can also make a coffee table book or hold an art show.  A coffee table book could also incorporate poems about hunger as well as drawings, paintings and photographs. 

Don’t forget to tell us how you did!  Send us an email or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter using #RevHunger.

Art Against Hunger Step-by-Step Guide

Art can be a powerful tool for fighting hunger.   Follow the guide below or download a PDF version to keep yourself organized:

At Least 2 Weeks Before Contest: Planning

  • Suggest the idea of holding an art contest to your school club, youth group, other group or to a group of your friends.  Try and find at least 2-3 friends (or more!) who are as excited about the idea as you are.  Finding a team is an important first step!
  • Find an advisor who will be able to help your group plan the event.  This can be a community group leader, a teacher, a parent or another adult you trust.
  • Decide what you would like to produce with the submissions from the contest.  We suggest making a calendar or a coffee table book – something that can then be sold to raise funds for a hunger-fighting organization.  Other options include holding an art show, but these will take a lot more planning, so don’t forget to keep that in mind!
  • Find out how much it would cost to produce the item.  For calendars and coffee table books, check out online publishing sites, such as and  Calculate your selling price and how many items you would need to sell to meet your fundraising goal.
  • Decide which charity you are fundraising for.  This could be your local food kitchen, a larger charity that focuses on hunger in America or an international NGO that has hunger-fighting programs around the world.  Contact them to let them know you are planning on holding a fundraiser for their organization.
  • Think of a theme for your contest.  One possible theme is “Imagining a World Without Hunger.”
  • Figure out what type of submissions you will be accepting.  This depends on what you want to produce at the end.  Possible submissions are paintings, drawings, photographs, poems and short stories.
  • Think about where you want to hold the contest.  If you are holding this at your school or another organization, talk to someone in the administration office to ask for their permission and support.
  • Decide how you will select submissions for the final product.  Make sure the judges are fair and impartial so no one will complain that you’ve only picked your friends’ submissions!
  • Decide how and when people will submit their entries for consideration.

At Least 1 Week Before Contest: Announcements

  • Make materials to publicize the event!  You can make flyers, create a Facebook event, talk about it on Twitter, make announcements to your class, send emails, or anything else you can think of.  Don’t forget to include important details, such as the theme, deadlines, and submission guidelines.  You can also information on what you intend to produce with the submissions and who the fundraiser will benefit.
  • Make sure to find volunteers who can answer questions and keep track of submissions once the contest is announced. 

Contest Opening!

  • Publicize the event!  Hang up any materials you have made and continue to talk about the event as long as the contest is opened.
  • Keep track of how many submissions you are receiving.

Contest Closing

  • Send everyone who submitted a piece an email confirming their entry and letting them know that you will be in touch once the winning pieces have been selected.
  • Select the winning entries and announce the winners.


  • Discuss with your advisor if you need to receive written permission from the winning entries to use their works in the publication.  If so, get permission to use their pieces.
  • Use an online publishing site such as or to create your items.  Once you’ve uploaded the entries and designed your item, you can choose to order copies and sell them in person or ask people to buy them online.  They will most likely be easier to sell in person.


  • Decide how you’d like to sell the calendar or book.  You can either sell it online, through direct sales or by tabling at your school or other organization.
  • Don’t forget to let people know that the calendar or book is on sale!  Make flyers, send emails, or anything you think will help get the word out.

After the Event

  • Publicize your success!  Let people know how much your group raised.  Thank them for their contribution and let them know how their contributions will be used.  It makes people feel good to know they were part of something big.
  • Celebrate – you deserve it! 
  • Don’t forget to let us know it went!  Send us an email or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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