Group Projects

What are the group projects?

Ready to step away from your computer and start fighting hunger in your communities and around the world? The best way to get started fighting hunger is by organizing an event through a school club, youth group, or with a group of your friends. Check out some of the ideas below!

Need any advice organizing an event? Email us at When you finish a project, let us know how it went on our Facebook page or Twitter using #RevHunger. Some groups will also be invited to blog about their projects on our Tumblr page!

Important Note: Currently group projects do not accumulate points towards badges. They are resources for educators and team leaders to use when organizing group activities around hunger. We are considering adding them to the point system at a later date if the demand increases.

Group Projects

Get Your Cans Rolling: Hold a canned food drive

Hold a canned food drive at your school, community center, or place of worship and collect canned goods to deliver to a nearby shelter or food pantry.

World Food Day: Hold a Fundraiser

In honor of World Food Day on October 16, hold a fundraiser at your school or community center to raise money for your favorite charity that deals with fighting hunger.

Donate your Time

There are many organizations where you can volunteer your time to fight hunger. Contact a local food bank and organize a group volunteer day.

Art Against Hunger

Art is a powerful medium for creating change. Use your artistic talent to raise awareness and fight poverty and hunger!

Host a Hunger Banquet

The Oxfam Hunger Banquet is a great way to raise awareness about poverty and hunger around the world.

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Our Mission

Revolution Hunger is a campaign that harnesses the power of teens to make a lifelong commitment to take on the problems of hunger and malnutrition around the world. We know that we can each help fight hunger, in our own unique way.

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