Educators & Community Members

Want to implement Revolution Hunger in your community or school?

Revolution Hunger is a teen-focused initiative, but we need advocates and supporters of all ages and backgrounds. If you are committed to empowering teens through your volunteer activities or your career, in your community and at home, we need you!

Parents, teachers, employers, employees, community activists, politicians, faith-based leaders, celebrities, athletes, and others have a role in fighting hunger. We hope that you will encourage teens in your community to join the movement. With your help, we can build a life-changing program for teens and millions of people who go to bed hungry each night.

Campaign Booklet

Information about Revolution hunger and how you can get involved.

For Family Members

Family members can support Revolution Hunger in many important ways.

  • Talk to your teen about issues of food, nutrition and hunger
  • Help teens complete large-scale activities, such as organizing a food drive and other activities as they embark upon a path to become a Hunger Fighter
  • Provide an example of how you can fight hunger in your daily life

For School Administrators

School administrators can promote the campaign to a number of different audiences.

  • Advertise Revolution Hunger as a way for students to fulfill service-learning requirements
  • Encourage students to join Revolution Hunger as a way to apply their interests toward an important global cause
  • Reinforce that the skills developed through Revolution Hunger, such as teamwork, leadership, innovative thinking, etc. will be useful in college applications, in college careers and beyond
  • Spread the word about the campaign to other schools in their district

For Community Leaders & Organizations

Community leaders and organizations can help teens take action through their support and encouragement.

  • Pass along information on Revolution Hunger to your youth network and other community leaders
  • Support the development of local Revolution Hunger chapters by providing meeting space or making in-kind donations for events and activities
  • Serve as mentors to aspiring Hunger Fighters and assist them to organize and carry out local events
  • Introduce a Noble Prize winning Hunger Fighter

Norman Borlaug DVD

For Educators

Teachers play an important role in Revolution Hunger.

  • Encourage students to join the initiative
  • Inform students about the opportunity to fulfill their service-learning requirements through key Revolution Hunger activities
  • Recommend Revolution Hunger to service clubs and organizations at your school
  • Educate your students on issues of hunger using our Revolution Hunger Field Guide to World Hunger Case Studies.

Revolution Hunger Field Guide to World Hunger Case Studies

Costa Rica

West Africa

Only available as a digital download.

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