Save some time and energy by checking out the resources page. You’ll find cool stuff here like FAQs, downloadable PDFs and specific resources for activities. Of course, you can always search the web for additional resources, but we tried to put key things all in one place for your convenience.


Download Revolution Hunger posters, banners, wallpapers and videos. Use these to help spread the world by placing them in your schools, local community and more!

Educators & Community Members

Teens can‘t fight hunger alone. They can benefit from your support, as role models, mentor, and even cheerleaders for their hard work. We provide resources, tools and information about how you can help teens engage in the fight against hunger in a meaningful way. Learn more on how to get involved.


If you want to fight hunger, you’re going to need to know how to talk about it. Brush up on some key hunger-related terms so you can use those words to raise awareness about hunger issues among your friends.

Tumblr Blog

The Youth Leadership Team is blogging to document their activities as as they change the face of hunger in San Fransisco, Minneapolis, and Washington, DC. Read and view their posts, photos, videos and more.