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Take the personality quiz to find out more about your unique traits and how you can use these traits to face hunger. After taking the quiz you can participate in activities listed on the site and earn points to become a Hunger Fighter. Eventually, we'll be adding information on what types of careers are well suited for someone with your personality, and how these careers help to combat hunger and malnutrition around the world.

Water Bearer

The "Water Bearer" provides a nourishing environment for growth

Water Bearer Hunger Fighters® are compassionate, creative and inspiring individuals. They crave friendship, love, and harmony. They learn and navigate life by processing an experience to find lessons or meaning in it. Water Bearers are motivated by possibility, personal connections and "being there" for those close to them. One of the most unpleasant situations for a Water Bearer is to feel like "no one cares". They are the happiest when others are happy too.

Water Bearer Hunger Fighters are most satisfied doing work that has meaning and fulfills a sense of higher purpose. They do well in a role where they can make a difference by developing potential in themselves and others in an atmosphere of cooperation with an enthusiastic team. Water Bearers are unhappy in positions where they don't feel appreciated and where creativity is stifled. When in a role that is a bad fit they can be perceived as emotional or moody. They like to work in a collaborative environment of open communication where they express their feelings and "true self."

Water Bearer Hunger Fighters looking to fight global hunger can find rewarding careers in fields such as health care, counseling, public relations, social work, journalism, writing, activisims, advocacy lobbying, art, fund-raising, teaching, or other work where they feel they can bring their positive attitude, passion and encouraging spirit to support a cause they care deeply about.

Seed Planter

The "Seed Planter" has a vision for the future and ideas for how to get there

Seed Planter Hunger Fighters® are logical, curious and independent individuals. They crave knowledge, intrigue and expertise. They learn and navigate life by creating their own theories, strategies, and systems. Full of "good ideas," Seed Planters are motivated by having something to figure out. They enjoy exploring, experimenting and improving things. One of the most unpleasant situations for a Seed Planter is feeling stupid and not knowing the answers. It is important for them to have the understanding and know-how to accomplish their goals.

Seed Planter Hunger Fighters are happiest doing work where they have the freedom to question things and propose ideas for improvement. They enjoy thought-provoking assignments and work well in a role where they provide ideas at the beginning of a project, come up with a logical way to carry out the work, then hand off the work for someone else to complete. They are unhappy in positions that are routine and/or require no creative thinking. When in a role that is a bad fit they can be perceived as sarcastic and condescending. They like to work with others that have confidence in their abilities and value their independent "outside the box" thinking.

Seed Planter Hunger Fighters looking to fight global hunger can find rewarding careers in fields such as a international development, mathematics,education, science, food chemistry, architecture, journalism/writing, environmentalism, photography, lobbying, or other thought-provoking work where they can question, develop, and test ideas for improvement.


The "Illuminator" promotes growth, productivity, and development

Illuminator Hunger Fighters® are spontaneous, fun-loving and live-in-the moment individuals. They crave action, adventure and excitement. They learn and navigate life by doing, rather than reading directions and following rules. Illuminator Hunger Fighters are motivated by rising to a challenge, taking a risk and competition. They love to win! One of the most unpleasant situations for a Illuminator Hunger Fighter is to feel stuck with no choices. They are quick decision makers, yet often change their minds as quickly as they made up them because they like to be able to go with the most exciting opportunity.

Illuminator Hunger Fighters are happiest doing work where they can see direct results from what they do. They work well in a role where they are asked to make decisions quickly and take action immediately. They like to cut to the chase and are able to get things done quickly and effectively. They are unhappy in positions where they have to wait for others to decide before they can act. When in a role that is a bad fit they can be perceived as aggressive and self centered. They like to work in short spurts on several projects at once.

Illuminator Hunger Fighters looking to fight global hunger can find rewarding careers in fields such as a civil engineering, heavy equipment operation, farming, journalism, lobbying, art, entrepreneurism, marketing, business or other work where they have the freedom to choose from many options, make bold decisions and take the risks necessary to make things happen.


The "Harvester" gathers, organizes, and tends the resources

Harvester Hunger Fighters® are responsible, dedicated and hard-working individuals. They crave consistency, respect, and like to follow the rules. They learn and navigate life using practical common sense guidelines and concrete goals. Harvesters are motivated by creating a plan and sticking with it to completion. One of the most unpleasant situations for a Harvester is to feel lost without direction. They take their responsibilities seriously, value loyalty, respect authority, and like to hold themselves and others to high standards.

Harvester Hunger Fighters are happiest doing work where they have set routines and defined responsibilities. They are organized and work well in a role with clear expectations and specific procedures. They are unhappy in a chaotic environment where others are breaking the rules or not doing their job like they should. When in a role that is a bad fit, they can be perceived as judgmental and bossy when they strive to make order out of chaos. They like to work in chronological order, finishing task "A" before moving on to "B."

Harvester Hunger Fighters looking to fight global hunger can find rewarding careers in fields such as a policy making, nutrition, economics mathematics, media, fundraising activism, non-profit management, lobbying or other work where they can use their strong organizational skills, faithful devotion and keen eye for details to meet set objectives.

  • It’s Simple, We Can Win This Battle!

    Why would fighting hunger matter to those who have enough or more than enough food each day?
    It’s simple; hungry people cannot work and learn as well as people who have food in their systems and that is exactly why people who have enough food should help fight this hunger battle.
    Since I was born my parents have always had enough food on the table to make sure I am fully energized and able to function each day. I am truly blessed to be able to get food without a trouble. I cannot imagine life without my easy access to food. This is when I begin to think about all those people in the world who do not have food, who are trying to fight their hunger each and every day.
    I was recently speaking with my friend about how her experience to Asia this summer really changed the way she viewed food and the problem of hunger. She told me that as she visited various countries she noticed how they all had something in common, and that was how respectful they were of their food. Also noticing that in most villages there was no such thing as wasting food because they would make sure to finish each bit or save it for the next day.
    It made her realize how much food is actually worth, not in the money sense, but the living sense. She said seeing so many skinny children in one place (due to their hunger) made her want to do something. She wanted to come back to see the children grow. Since she was working back in the States she decided that she would send a portion of her earning to the various countries she went to that were fighting hunger and also other places in the same situation.
    My friend believes that if more people learn about the hunger fight, they might also try to do something about it. I strongly agree and that is why more people need to know more about this battle. 
    No one can fight hunger all alone, which is why we need your help! We can win this battle!
      Thursday, September 27, 2012
    • Scenery People

      As I drive down Route 30 here in Chambersburg, Pennsvlvania I pass a Starbucks where business people discuss their next investment.  A construction crew has stopped to eat lunch at the KFC.  Then I pass Lowes where a couple plans out the backyard patio they want to put in.  Just past the Wendy’s is Walmart where there is a homeless man holding his sign for the day.  Finally I turn in to my neighborhood and arrive at home…All of these images I have described are all part of the everyday scenery. 

      Someone described to me the other day that there are three kinds of people we interact with:  People people, Machine people, and Scenery people.  “People people” are considered to be individuals that we like or aspire to be.  “Machine people” are individuals that we interact with everyday but are simply their to perform a service.  For example a cashier at Burger King would be a machine person.  Beyond that are “scenery people” who are individuals who we completely ignore that we see on the sidewalk, shopping in a store, or just driving down the road.  We pass all these places and we see all of these people, but how many of those people do we take the time to get to know.  More importantly, how many of those people do we help.

      Every single day there is a homeless person there in front of the Walmart.  I am willing to bet that not even twenty or even fifteen people stop to help him out.  Not only is this sad; it is disgusting.  Disgusting that most of those people are more than likely taking home at least $80 worth of groceries if not more.  Yet the homeless person at the entrance has nothing.  Does compassion and community mean anything to our society?

      So my question for you is will you only help the “people people”, or are you willing to show your compassion and good will to everyone you see and meet?  Maybe they are hungry for food…maybe they are hungry for friendship…but no matter what the hunger is, I encourage you to reach out to those people instead of just taking the “scenic” route…Fulfill that hunger!

        Friday, September 07, 2012
      • Working Families Still Struggle to Make Ends Meet

          Thursday, August 30, 2012

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