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Activate: Sign the Revolution Hunger Pledge

Make a commitment to fighting hunger. We’re in it. You should be too. Start by reading the Hunger Pledge below. It’ll take you 5 minutes. Probably about as long as it’s taking you to read this long, long description. Click submit after you've read it and get 100 points toward becoming a Hunger Fighter.

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Revolution Hunger Pledge

No one deserves to go to bed hungry at night.

No one deserves to die from hunger.

Everyone, everywhere, at all times deserves to have enough nutritious food to eat.

I pledge to fight hunger in my community and around the world.

I pledge to spread the word that ending hunger can be achieved.

I pledge to enlist more Hunger Fighters to join me in this Revolution.

Together, we can make hunger a thing of the past!

Suggested For:
100 PTS
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