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Grocery Store Challenge

Many people in America and around the world are hungry because they cannot afford to buy enough food.  Take a walk in their shoes by seeing what it’s like to find enough healthy food on a tight budget.

Many of the world’s poor around the world are living on as little as $1.25 per day.  The World Food Programme’s “A Dollar a Day” video series explores what you can buy when you only have a dollar to spend.

According to a recent study, over a million US families are living on less than $2 per day.  Imagine you are having trouble finding a full-time job.  Let’s say you have a slightly higher income and are earning around $5 per day.  Of this, let’s say that you spend $2 per day or $14 per week on food.  Your challenge: come up with a grocery list and a meal plan that will keep you fed for one week spending only $14.  This will be hard!

Need help?  Ask your parents, a teacher or another adult for help creating a budget and finding the cost of food items.  You can also look up prices on your local grocery store’s website.

Share your findings by making a video, writing a blog post or just talking with your friends.

Suggested For:
100 PTS
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