What are these activities?

They are things that you can do – some online, some at school, in your communities or other places. Each time you do an activity – and submit that you’ve done it here on the web site, you will get points. You need a total of 1000 points -across the Face it, Fight it, Live it ® phases - to become a Hunger Fighter.

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Face It Activities

Vote it up for your favorite Hunger Fighter

You want to be a Hunger Fighter? Get started by reading about some of our featured Hunger Fighters®.

100 Points

Read about the issue

While we’re fans of you getting up from your computer and out in your community to fight hunger, there are many things you can do from where you’re sitting right now. Start by reading The Issue page.  

100 Points

Get Quizzical: Hunger in the U.S.A.

While we think our site is pretty cool, we encourage you to browse the Internet to feed your curiosity and get more information on hunger. So here is a head start on your browsing: head over to The Feeding America site (you’ll thank us later) and take the Feed America Quiz to see how much you know about hunger in the United States.

100 Points

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Fight It Activities

Get Creative – Create a Poster

Create a poster or drawing to teach your school or community center about global hunger issues and to introduce them to the Revolution Hunger website.

100 Points

Be a hunger poet

Read the poem, Hunger by Robert Laurence Binyon. Then, try to write your own short poem about poverty and hunger, based on things you’ve learned and observed in your own life.

100 Points

Grocery Store Challenge

Many people in America and around the world are hungry because they cannot afford to buy enough food.  Take a walk in their shoes by seeing what it’s like to find enough healthy food on a tight budget.

100 Points

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Live It Activities

Share the Video

Did the Revolution Hunger video inspire you to join the fight against hunger? Share the video through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or e-mail and show your friends why they should become Hunger Fighters too!

100 Points

Activate: Sign the Revolution Hunger Pledge

Make a commitment to fighting hunger. We’re in it. You should be too.

100 Points

Send an e-card

Remember how you felt when you heard how many people around the world are hungry? It’s a crazy number – and not many people know how serious the problem really is.

100 Points

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Take Your Hunger Fighter

Personality Quiz

Want to learn about what kind of hunger fighter you are? Learn how your personality and unique skills match up with activities where you can help solve world hunger. The quiz is short, fun and you'll get custom results about you!

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Face It

Before you can fight world hunger, you have to understand hunger. This is your chance to “Face It.” Learn about why there is hunger in the world and how it impacts people. Test your knowledge in the first phase of activities. Get it? Got it? Good!

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Fight It

“Fight It” activities offer ways you can begin to fight world hunger. Stopping hunger involves taking action. Each activity is designed so that you can engage with the issue of hunger and start making a difference. So, don’t sit still. Get up, go out and fight it!

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Live It

The most successful hunger fighters live their mission every day. It’s their job, their interest and their passion. If we commit to fighting hunger together—scientists, farmers, journalists, politicians and more—we can feed the world. Combining and coordinating our individual strengths, we can fight hunger and change the world.

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