Get Involved

To take the first step in solving world hunger, you have to GET INVOLVED. This is your chance to shine! Show the world how you can fight hunger. Revolution Hunger is about fighting hunger your own way and using your own unique skills. Face it, fight it and live it ® today!

How Do I Become A Hunger Fighter?

Watch the Video

It just takes a little time, a lot of passion, and a dash of curiosity to become a hunger fighter. Start by hitting play and you'll be taken on a journey into the life of someone who is your age and who has chosen to become a hunger fighter.

Take the Hunger Fighter Quiz

Want to learn about what kind of hunger fighter you are? Take this quiz and learn how your personality and unique skills match up with activities where you can help solve world hunger. The quiz is short, fun and you'll get custom results about you!

Complete Activities

It's time to make a difference. After you've watched the video and taken the quiz, you'll have a chance to participate in activities and earn points to becoming a Hunger Fighter. Read more about how to get points and achieve your Hunger Fighters certificate. Want even more? Go above and beyond and you'll be on your way to becoming a Revolution Hunger Ambassador.

Face it >>>

Before you can fight world hunger, you have to understand hunger. This is your chance to “Face It.”  Learn about why there is hunger in the world and how it impacts people. Test your knowledge in the first phase of activities.

Fight It >>>

Stopping hunger involves taking action. “Fight It” activities offer ways you can begin to fight world hunger. Each activity is designed so that you can engage with the issue of hunger and start making a difference. Don’t sit still. Get up, go out and fight it!

Live It >>>

The most successful hunger fighters live their mission every day. It’s their job, their interest and their passion. "Live it" activities fulfill this mission. If we commit to fighting hunger together—scientists, farmers, journalists, politicians and more—we can feed the world.

Become a Hunger Fighter

Me, a Hunger Fighter? Yes, you can be a Revolution Hunger Hunger Fighter if you are committed to fighting world hunger. Hunger Fighters live it. They learn about it. They fight hunger, and they are constantly interested in new and exciting opportunities to become a better Hunger Fighter - any maybe one day, an ambassador. When you become a Revolution Hunger Ambassador, you have access to internships, events and resourceful ways to help you alleviate hunger your own way. 

Why should I get Involved?

LEARN Get smarter about world hunger. Taking time to learn about the issue helps you to become a more effective and a more persuasive Hunger Fighter.

CREATE In order to track your points and better share your hard work with other hunger fighters, you’ll create a customized profile. Your profile page is your one-stop-shop to track your progress toward becoming a Hunger Fighter and share that progress with your friends. Don't have a profile? Register here.

PARTICIPATE Don’t be afraid to jump in! Stopping world hunger takes all kinds of people from different backgrounds and with different interests. Tell your friends and teachers. Post a message on Facebook or write a letter to your newspaper. It’s all about spreading the word. You never know who could help you fight hunger.

READY, SET, LEAD! Let’s get started. Round up a Revolution Hunger group, or plan an event. Lead the way and set an example for other Hunger Fighters.

SHOW OFF We know no one likes a show off, but it’s okay to brag a little about being a Hunger Fighter or a Revolution Hunger Ambassador.  After all, you’ve earned it! You have credentials you can pitch in an interview, add to your resume, or include in your college application essay.  Don’t be shy; tell others about your accomplishment and help motivate them too!

MAKE IT OFFICIAL Becoming a Hunger Fighter requires commitment and hard work, but you learn a lot, too. Once you've completed the program you'll receive an official Hunger Fighters certificate and packet acknowledging your commitment.  If you go above and beyond, you could become a Revolution Hunger Ambassador, and get access to internships, scholarships, events and resources to continue the fight against hunger. Join Hunger Fighters today. Dream big, and take advantage of this unique opportunity to help you and others fight global hunger.